Love love love

Let me fly out.Why build a nest_When the skies are my abode.Let me stretch my wings,Let me go.If a fall,I know you’ll catch me.But until then,Just let me go. (5).png

If only self love was that easy. We spend all our lives showering love on people but we never learn to love ourselves the same way. While the people who do are called “self-obsessed” the others don’t realize the importance of it.

In reality, we only love others to seek approval. The same sense of importance and satisfaction does not occur when we try to love ourselves. We are so hungry for it that we try too hard to please others. It’s not attention that we are looking for, its simply love which we have plenty of. All we have to do is stop looking in all the wrong places.

“Love yourself the way you love her,

and you’ll learn to love yourself,

because it’s right here,

in you,

a heart full of it.”