Oceans of Sand

It’s the waves that bring you back to the shore

Taking a grain away each time

The sand sinks in

Settles down at the bottom of the ocean

A soft bed for life to grow into

Once again

Building its own sand castle underground

While the surface travels far

In search for more

Bringing together


Sand of different lands


Why Origami Birds?

Let me fly out.Why build a nest_When the skies are my abode.Let me stretch my wings,Let me go.If a fall,I know you’ll catch me.But until then,Just let me go. (4).png

What is about Origami Birds that made me write it? As someone who was overly private and sensitive, people never understood the degree of my disturbance. So here’s why I wrote this book. It’s because I may get hurt easily even if you don’t do it intentionally. It’s not your fault that you didn’t realize what I was going through. Being extremely emotional and private don’t always go hand in hand. I may want to tell you how I feel, but I am too shy to express it. And a piece of paper is just as worthy to be a listener as anybody else it, except the fact that there is no judgement that comes my way. By writing what I felt, it became a lot easier to have a clear mind. As everyday became better, I decided to fill my pages and be somebody else’s listener too. And that’s how Origami Birds was born. A collection of emotions that can’t be expressed easily, feelings that didn’t get full justice and people who were finally heard.