Box of Pixels

Every part of your body, every inch can hear the sounds.

Every night, you go to bed thinking tomorrow is a new day, and I am not going to stare at my phone as soon as I wake up. With excitement and hope, you doze off to sleep. While  your phone buzzes with alerts throughout the night, you finally manage to sleep. The next morning, you forget what you thought about the night before and count all the notifications you collected over the night like a child collecting candy after halloween.

Today, being young gives you the advantage and capacity to do multiple things. In a world where there is an abundance of everything and access to it, we are spiralling downloads waiting for that one last follower or like to please our social media ego. Self care is far from where we are, pleasing others has become our sole aim and taking care of our development, mentally and physically has been stagnating.

Try to look for a person who simply walks to enjoy rather than count steps on devices and you’ll be at a loss. From waking up to falling asleep, we have an app that tracks and controls our life, and we say we live freely.

You may not feel trapped in this box of pixels but your life truly is. Touching objects and people in real life has become rather hard. There are more long distance relationships than actual people living together. And yet, we prefer to live this way, paying for retiring from our devices, paying to live in a quieter network free location, while all of it can be possible if all we did was step out from this box.


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