The Caged Bird Dies

The Caged Bird Sings Dies

She’s frail you know, very delicate. Her eyes have softness, almost like a romantic scene playing. Her lips parted, waiting to speak, but she doesn’t have words to say. Patience is her forte, she’s been waiting in his chamber like a pet, waiting for his master by the door. While she sits on the velvety bed covers, warming her skin, there is a beat in her heart waiting to take a plunge. Wrapped around her is a mere silk sheet, protecting her modestly. She’s been staring at her refection from across the room, what a madness this life is, she muses to herself. And yet she’s frozen in between a nightmare of a reality.

Oh, there it is, the show will start very soon. She can hear the rustling outside. The door knob turns, alerting her entire body to awaken from this oblivion. She pretends to smile with all her might, “what a lie”, she thinks in her head.

He inches forward, a step at a time. Preparing for the act he performs every day. In an instant, he begins to tear down her body, “no teasing” she wonders, “he must be hungry today.” While he tries to satisfy his hunger, the urge to leave her body busies her mind. “Try to think about your freedom”, she tells herself. “Oh what a fool am I, what is freedom worth for a rotting body like mine.”

There it is, she’s pulled out of her thoughts. He’s getting closer to the closing act; his craving is satisfied now. In the blink of an eye, she’s back to where she was. But this time, it won’t end the same way for her, he knew what this meant. She’s floating this time; she can feel the lightness. Oh dear girl, if only you knew what this meant. Because he’s finally walked away, leaving the carcass behind.


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